Located in Taichung, Zhongfu Food is a factory specializing in the production of Chinese sauces, frozen foods, and household flours. Our company is committed to introducing traditional master techniques, using the latest technology and innovative methods, to provide high-quality food sauce products to modern families, restaurants, or public institutions. In view of food safety requirements, all our products have passed the third-party laboratory test report, and relevant products will be randomly checked to ensure that we can provide our customers with the most comfortable products.

Headquartered in Fleet Hampshire, UK.  Lagoon designs various fields of knowledge, using the most clear images to convey people’s infinite knowledge. Through Lagoon, from infants, children, middle school students, and even adults, you can find your favorite themes, and hang our carefully designed products on the wall to enrich your life.

PEACE&SPACE focuses on the decoration of the space. Natural rough stones and colorful canvases create an endless quiet space, as if you are outside, and your body and mind will take on a new look. Whether it is rustic lithographs, multi-layered frameless paintings, or modern art, at PEACE&SPACE, you can get the most suitable collection for your space and what is lacking. Through customized settings, you can also have unique ornaments to make your space truly belong to you.